Stopping to get gas with a side of racism…

Today I experienced what I believe is racism by a non-Hispanic white female. My husband handed me money to go pay for gas. Granted I should have counted it but I didn’t & I went by how much he said it was, I put the money on the counter said how much gas I needed, I said thank you & walked out. We put the gas which was a dollar less but I didn’t say anything I figured my husband had been off by $1 & like I said I should have counted it but I didn’t, we were in a hurry. Well we start to drive off & immediately get pulled over by the police officer who had been 2 gas pumps over, the officer proceeds to tell us that the clerk said I had tried to steal $1. First of all, she didn’t put the amount I’d said, she put $1 less than I’d said, I explained to the officer that if I had given her $1 less that I hadn’t done it on purpose. I mean come on who would try to trick a clerk into giving them an extra $1 in gas? $1 is less than half a gallon of gas. + we didn’t get an extra dollar in gas like I said we got $1 less in gas than I’d told the clerk when I handed her the money. For all I know I had given her the amount I said & she lied about me being $1 off, at the very least she overreacted to an unintentional mistake that she wouldn’t have thought twice about if I was non-Hispanic white like her instead of Hispanic, particularly since like I said she set the gas pump for $1 less than I’d said so her register wasn’t short $1. On top of this, the officer actually told me the clerk was scared of me, I’m 37yrs old & 5ft tall, I was wearing capris pants, skechers & an Elizabeth Warren 2020 pin. People are never scared of me.



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